If you are arrested in State Court a bond may already be set.  In many instances you will have to appear before a Judge within 24 hours of your arrest to have a bond set.  At this hearing the Judge may release you on conditions that may include a GPS device, Drug and alcohol testing, or other conditions.  The Judge may also set a monetary amount of bond.  On occasions with serious felony charges the Judge or Prosecutor will move to hold the Defendant without bond.  You should have a lawyer present to argue your position regarding bond.   Many times a lawyer may have you released without posting any monetary amount.  If the Court does set a monetary amount you may either post the whole amount with the jail or use a bondsman.  If you use a bondsman there is a 10%  charge  calculated from the total bond amount for the service.  Our office can put you in contact with a bondsman who will immediately begin the process of having you released.  A qualified bondsman can get you out quicker than attempting to work through the process yourself.  In Federal Court there is almost always a bond hearing set with a Judge and it is in your best interest to have a lawyer at this hearing. You may contact our office during the day at 239-529-6053 and we will appear at the  bond hearing and set up the process of getting you out of jail.  After hours you may contact us at 1-239-304-6527 and leave a message.  We will contact you as quickly as possible.  For quicker service you may contact us after hours by e-mail at  If you or your family are arrested in Lee or Collier County you may seek visitation at the jail.  We have attached these web sites for information on visitation and other inmate issues.  In Lee County see  In Collier County see